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Default Some Questions

Hey guys,

I am looking at buying a Cowon D2/D2+ and I just have some questions from people who use it.

How is it for running? I do a lot of running and the bouncing-shock eventually got to the previous player I had. Also will it be okay with my sweat? I will probably get an armband with it but my sweaty fingers might be all over it as I switch songs or something so I guess I am asking about how water tolerant it is. If its like my iPod it will drop dead on a humid day

Is navigating to songs really that bad? The one big negative I have heard from this player is that the playlist features suck (not a big deal for me, don't really do playlists) and that browsing to a specific song could be difficult (a slightly bigger deal).

If songs aren't in a Artist/Album/File directory structure, will it not be sure what to do? I have read that it determines the artist/album information from the directory structure. I have tried really hard to keep everything in that structure as I collected music, but some files aren't and I would have a hard time tracking them down.

I've read a lot of stuff around the 'net and watched a few reviews on YouTube, so is there anything regarding general use that should be brought up that you have run into? Just the little irritations that you don't really discover until you are 3 weeks into use of it, if you know what I mean.

My use will be almost exlusively for music, although I would load up movies when I fly. I might also get an expansion SD card for another 16GB, or maybe the 32GB if I find a great price on it, but that probably won't be until later.

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