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Default Monster Turbine Review

Okay so I just bought my Monster Turbines a few days ago and they were really amazing! But it also depends on what player you're listening to it with. Clearly iPod sound quality sucks. I have an iPod touch from a gift from someone because I lost my Sansa Fuze. I'm using the touch temporary until the Samsung P3 comes out. I live in Canada and my friend has a SamsungP3 a few months ago from Korea. I believe he got it for $150 US flat? Around there for an 8GB pretty cheap.

Sound Quality

So I've tried the turbines on them and the Bass is amazing especially when you customize the presets. It has enough bass and the sound quality is really clear. It's balanced, when you listen to music it's not too much of something and less of another. The bass in it is pretty deep. Unlike some design of other headphones where there is a lot of bass and not enough of clarity. Turbines are well balanced to me. I believe it's one of the best you can get at that price.

My friend has Monster Beats by Dr Dre and Turbines and he's told me that he likes the Turbines more. He said they're like the same and they're more small and portable .


It comes in a very nice package which already make you feel like you bought something worth your money before you even try it. Opening it was like a climax of a movie. The design of the box is very sturdy and.. okay I'll stop talking about the box It comes with a pouch and 5 pairs of isolating ear tips. That's what it says on the box but mine only came with 4 pairs. The rest are like manuals and instructions.


I really loved the design of these buds. It was what first got my attention. The built and design of it is very very sturdy. Like I lose that fear of breaking them. The speaker area of it is made out of all metal. It feels pretty heavy , and heavier than I expected. But it doesn't' matter to me that much, it's just the weight on my hands. For my ears it doesn't really feel that heavy. Even though it's heavy, it doesn't' fall out of my ears. The isolating ear tips fit right into my ear and it hasn't fallen out of my ears yet. I've even shook my head to try to get them out but they're pretty tight Some people who are active with their players maybe concerned but I don't think it's something you should really worry about.
The design of the wires are great, it's made of tangle free rubber. Also near the jack where the wire comes out they've made it really hard so you can't bend it. I'm not sure if I'm explaining it right. But I tend to break my headphones because I'd put my player in my pants and the wire where the jack would bend and then one ear would die out on me.
Supposedly it's considered as " In Ear Speakers" . They're amazing but having them considered as speakers would give you a really high expectations. There's better headphones out there and if these are being called in-ear speakers what about the rest?


  • Features 8mm diaphragm and copper clad aluminum voice coil
  • Micro Strand conductors extend frequency response
  • Tangle-free cable design resists snarls and knots
  • Includes multiple sizes of single and triple layer sound isolating ear tips for replacement and comfort
  • Complete with Monster 1/8" to 1/4" adapter with 24k gold contacts for maximum corrosion resistant connection to your hardware
  • A touring case keeps your Turbine In-Ear Headphone safe and secure on the go
^ That were specs that I got from Future shop Website.

In Conclusion

I'm very satisfied with these headphones and I got them for a fairly good price! Only $99 from Futureshop they had it on sale and the last day of the sale is June 4th.

-Sound quality is amazing.
- Very clear and crisp.
- Deep Bass
- It's very well balanced
- Tough and Sturdy design
- Tangle Free

- Carrying case feels weird and doesn't' look that nice in my own opinion.
- Original price may cost too much for some people. ($150)


Sorry, not the best review

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