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Old 06-03-2009, 06:00 AM
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Default Want to Upgrade ZNP - Specific Needs, Frustrating to Find Info


I have a Zen Nano Plus 1GB, which is annoying to maintain due to its small size.

I want something with more space, but have specific needs:

1. I would primarily use the ZNP when I was working overnight at a grocery store. I'm currently out of work, but when I go back I will need something which I can navigate in my pocket, preferably without looking, and which will not get damaged while I move and unpack boxes. The iPods my parents and sister have do not have buttons, only a touch-sensitive "dial" which would easily get damaged or navigate out of my control if banged around in my pocket. I would often navigate the ZNP while in my pocket without looking at the song/folder names.

2. I am not a singles/shuffle-type person, as I grew up in the mid-to-late 90s when the focus was on the whole album rather than the song. Because of this I for the most part listen to albums from start to finish, with the occasional skipped song. Shuffle is not an option for me.

3. When I would use the ZNP, I would treat it as a jump drive and simply copy whole albums as MP3-containing folders onto it, with the root of the drive for a few single songs. New models seem to advertise proprietary software and music stores which I hate with a passion. I would rather not classify all my songs into playlists, face advertising and automatic tagging, or other infringing privacy/DRM issues. I would rather transfer MP3s (which I usually convert from ripped FLAC files) from my computer than transfer directly into the player.

Summary: I want an MP3 player which goes by folder/file name rather than categorizing into playlists, does not force you into "shuffle" mode, allows easy copying of MP3 files and MP3-containing folders from the computer with minimal intrusiveness and without the annoying "make it easy for you" mentality (preferably a direct copy through My Computer or the Linux equivalents), and most importantly, is durable and easy to navigate when unpacking boxes on the night shift.

If anyone would help me, that'd be great. I see some of the other Zen models have an SD card option, but I don't know how durable these players' buttons are, or how easy it is to navigate.

Thanks so much for your help, as I have been struggling to find info on this for months, hopefully a "real person" can help me.

Thanks, Dan
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