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Default Anyway of changing song with the device locked?

Hi there, I just got my Cowon S9 and would like to thank all you ABI users for helping me figure out the album art issue and the mixed up song order fiasco. Use mp3tag and edited all my songs. Anyways, I wanted to ask you guys if theres anyway of changing the song on my S9 while the device is locked. I noticed I can change the volume no problem but while its on shuffle I want to be able to change the song without unlocking it. Is there something in the menus im missing or some sort of theme I can use?

EDIT: I found out that it cant be done in the main menu but in the song menu its doable. Haha oh god I feel stupid now.



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I can tell you this: the tracks can be changed when the S9 is locked IF you have a BT headset with backward and forward buttons paired.
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you can choose in the options screen to only lock the screen, not the buttons.
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I haven´t tested this, but maybe you can lock the device, but have it on shake mode (2.30 firmware) and shake the device to change tracks...
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Settings > System > Hold mode > Touchscreen only

Claw's UI doesn't do the shake gimmick when the screen is locked, don't know about the stock UI.
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Stock doesn't allow it either. It would be nice if it was an option though. I find that the buttons get pressed to easily in my pocket while working, and was curious if it would work better to use the shake to skip option, but it wont work while locked.
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@ above's. In fact, the shake doesn't work even when only the screen is off, lock or not. I really think they should add an option to that.
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