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Default The static on the otherside of the conversation?

I've recently tested out the mobile phone function on the P2, and I've successfully called someone with it.

The one thing I'm wondering about is that weird static sound the person on the other end of the conversation constantly hears.

The sound on my side is clear, but it seems like my voice is distorted to the person I'm speaking with.

Anyone else suffer under this problem, or is it only me?

Help would be appreciated, thanks!
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I'm encountering this problem too.
though i'm not sure, most of the times i tried to call someone (or being called while connected with the phone) i often have to repeat myself because the other person could not hear me clearly enough...
perhaps because he or she also hears this static.

i personally think it might be because of the bluetooth connection in combination with the phone network...
I thinks samsung just needs some time to add improvements to it...
I wouldn't know any other reasons.

But at least you're not the only one...
so it doesn't depend on your player only...
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