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Angry Fuze Died...Already!

I just got my Fuze on Monday...spent many hours on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday loading music onto it and creating Playlists...and now it's just decided to die!

One particular song seemed to suddenly give it hiccups -- though not on its own, but when part of a Playlist! This Playlist would show up fine in WinXP (SP3) but on the Fuze would be seriously truncated...WTF?!

Turned out it wasn't that particular .mp3 file, as after a while it just friggin' choked and passed out permanently!!!

Despite SanDisk's instructions on its little placard that comes with the Fuze ("Problems? Don't return it to the SanDisk..."), I'm sure as hell returning it to the store! Unfortunately, it's a Jewish store, and they're out for some Jewish holiday -- so no Fuze until Sunday at the earliest!

The worst part of all this is that I was on my way to the gym when it started acting I go home and connected it to the laptop to see what's up...tried to diagnose and make adjustments...and it would seem fine...then act up again when I'm on my way to the gym -- this happened like three or four times until it just committed suicide!!

I hope this is an aberration, as my previous Sansa e280r was very good (and even survived my own worst stupidity of stupidities, taking it with me into the steam room at the gym!!!), while this stupid little POS couldn't get through a first day's real usage without conking out!

(And no -- when I say "died," I mean it's completely short-circuited or something: refuses to turn on no matter what! And no, I absolutely did not go into the steam room or under a passing just quit and left me high 'n' dry!!!)

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