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Default Upgrade for Gen 1 Clix user.

I need a new higher capacity player (looking for 16gb or over).
Atm i'm using an iriver clix (1st gen) with 4Gb of space.
I love the way it works and the screen size - very easy to use but it is totally full and there is no iriver player with 16gb or over (except the p7 but that is just a huge machine). I also like the way it looks nothing like an ipod, therefore I don't get any "why didn't you buy a real ipod?" rubbish all the time. I actually managed to convert someone from an ipod nano with the clix.
My sister has an ipod touch and it is very nice but I cant afford a 200 device.
My dad's got a ZEN 16Gb and its good but I dont like how light and plastic-y it feels.
I use sennheisser cx300 in ear buds and medium bit-rate .wma files mostly so sq doesn't need to be the best around (but I can tell the difference between good and bad sq).
I dont use video on my clix but I do use iplayer on my pc so I could get into that.
I dont especially need huge battery life but i would like something fairly solid build-quality-wise
The Sony S639 that everyone seems to be recommended looks good but the prices quoted on some sites (90) don't exist any more. They are about 110 - 120 or 100 for a pink one. Also I have seen a new Samsung YP-Q2 advertised on but the Q1 got bad reviews for the odd touch pad.
Brain wave: could I just get a sansa fuze 8gb (heard the sansa view is not very good) and but a 8/16gb microsd in it?
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What price range? I have a Sansa Fuze 8GB, very good player. But a 16GB microSD card will cost around $50. So for around $80 for a 8Gb Fuze, probably around $130 total?
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Basically I was wondering, is there anything else I should be considering.
And where is this fabled 90 Sony s639 - I don't think I could even get a fuze and sd-card expansion for that price. How does the fuze stack up against the sony s639 and the samsung yp-q2
But im looking to pay less than 100 really and the sony is just on the border
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Sorry about posting twice in a row
I think i have come close to making up my mind.
I'm going to get a sony.
Now there is the s639 and the s739 (with noise cancelling)
I have read that the s739 has to use its own headphones to do noise cancelling.
I have also read that the quality of the sound processing in the s639 will mean that there is no hiss (like my clix has) with my sennheiser cx300s.
Are either of these true and does the s739 hiss at all.
s639 is about 110 and the s739 (with more features) is 99
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