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Default My e270v1 is stuck at "Key LOCKED \ System Shutdown"

I've tried searching this forum and found lots about how to flash my firmware, but I couldn't find anyone else who was having exactly my problem.

Every time I turn it on, I get the "Key LOCKED, System Shutdown" message.
I can boot it to recovery mode.
I can use the sansa.fmt trick.
I can make it upgrade/downgrade to different firmware versions.
I even tried taking the battery out and waiting, then doing all of the above.
(I can see the VERSION.TXT file, which has all relevant information, but does have a lot of extra blank characters at the end. It does not appear to be corrupted.)

But after doing all those things, it still gives me that message when I turn it on, no matter which way the Lock switch is turned.

Is my switch broken? I just bought it "refurbished" and this is the only way it has behaved ever since I opened the box.

I'm starting to think Sansa must be one of the worst MP3 makers on the market if they can't be bothered to support their own products, or write firmware that doesn't bug out on half the players. I guess the premium you pay for an iPod or Zune goes toward making the damn thing work.

I've got plenty of experience with Linux, and you know why I use Windows right now? I'm sick and tired of creating accounts on forums and reading 50 pages to get my problem solved.

Yes I'm bitter.

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