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Lightbulb Thoughts about Samsung P3 fused with Cowon S9

I was just wondering what you guys would think if the Samsung P3 was fused with the Cowon s9. I personally think that it would be the world's greatest player. Tell me what you think and what features of both plyers you would keep.
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All the unique features that each has.

PS39: G-sensor/ Bluetooth 3.0 with file transfer, phone pairing, game play, headphones/ AMOLED screen 3.3"/ Haptic/ FM with RDS and recording/ P3's long touch, arc, stroke UI features/ Every codec supported.

EDIT: And for dfkt - GAPLESS!

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it wouldn't happen because it would cost way too much to build. and would cost way too much to sell.

also, it would have a battery life of around 30minutes...

maybe in the future, all these things will become standards...we can only dream...
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<troll> Both players together would still have no gapless playback, like the market-leading iPods, Zunes, etc... </troll>
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it would b best to fuse the ipod touch, p3, and s9, taking the best from each one
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3ggRoller: You know, I hate iPods to death, but we don't give them enough credit for their interfaces in my opinion.

Here's my ideal P3/S9/other player combo: 3.3" AMOLED screen/Full-featured Bluetooth 3.0, advanced haptics, G-senser, large processor, good FM tuner, codec support, great battery life, SD expansion, and, dare I say it, OPTIONAL Wi-Fi. You can turn it off. It could be very useful, for internet radio or news......but also have the SIM card option like the Archos 5G.

All of that with the fluidity of the iPod Touch's interface (but something different, like the Sony X1000.)
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+x1000 interface, but with p3 UCI option
+S9's 3.3" screen
+S9's or x1000's tactile controls, but moved to the side of the player
+S9's battery life
+the sd slot and mix of mini usb AND proprietary from the d2
+p3's bluetooth set up
+WIFI adaptor or something; many of us would rather use a netbook or at least something bigger to browse the interwebs, so dont make us pay for unwanted features. Perhaps a dongle or something?
+haptics and g sensor
+FM with RDS

And i'll buy a psp for games and a netbook for programs, thankyou very much, not an itouch alternative that isn't quite as good as another product in the multiple markets it competes in
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To me this just complicates things- they're both good standalone devices. Would like the ability to Bluetooth pdfs to the P3- if it was more of a magazine/e-book reader device.
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