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Default New Sony not worth 240 imo

I had a good look at the Sony X whatever in a shop today- 259 for 32GB but they would have let me have one for 240.
First impressions- I really didn't like build of it. I'm sure it's well constructed and the buttons seem nice, but it felt so light, flimsy and plasticky after my P3. The S9 seems more substantial and the screen on the Cowon looks better. In a shop it's hard to tell under the light, but I wasn't impressed with the screen.
The UI beats any other player I've seen- very fast, responsive, and beats the S9 and P3 easily.
I'm sure it sounds good, being a top end Sony..but I didn't get the chance to listen as the Sennheiser Cans weren't playing what the Sony was, but some other source for whatever reason.
The browser looked dull and basic- not as good as Skyfire or Opera mini.
In spite of my reservations I nearly bought one. I think because its 32GB and a Sony and just because I could. Maybe I'm turning into Olley.
In short, imho, not worth the cash- not when you can get a Cowon or Samsung for the same or less.
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