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Default Sony Walkman X-series Firmware & Hardware Sugestions

it's already out in the UK but there are some things that we would like to be added or changed as a firmware and hardware updates in the future... the ipod touch. the screen auto-rotates or ability to Turn Off or On the Accelerometer

2.built-in or uploadable Applications...basic stuff like say alarm, dictionary, world time, subway tube map of the well-known cities, wikipedia, flight details, online radio, games, etc. and a dedicated Sony Applications Store please!

3.smaller and easy access Hold button...let's face it the Hold button at the back seems awkward and we could do with a simple and much easier (flushed?) button to Hold/Freeze the screen.

4. Firmware updates to be regular. meaning say monthly or so like what they did with the amazing P2 and not every 4-6 months like the ipod touch.

5. more compatibility with newer formats such as Divx or Xvid and Flac

6.slightly bigger screen

7.ability of the player to recognise and "normalise" the volume. reality: we have MP3 songs that are 128k and 320k. the latter might sound a bit louder and a lot better but i hope they figure out a way to "equalise" and normalise the volume meaning a 128k song might sound “equal” to a 320k song but not necessarily better. if you know what i mean. (maybe a music upscaling feature similar to the P3)

8.external stereo speaker

9.Bluetooth capability!!! with some added capability to receive phone calls from a bluetooth-capable mobile phone if you are far from it.

10.Multi-touch capability for faster scrolling, zoom in & out, etc.

11.Noise-cancelling feature to be compatible with ALL known Sony earphones and not just the supplied earphones on the box

12. FM radio with RDS with the ability to recognise a country's radio station's name,etc.

13. the ability to create playlist (via the player itself and NOT thru a software) and be able to add songs to that playlist

14. Search button (like the ipod touch)
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