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Default Import the clix

Hi there,
after reading a lot about the clix/U10, I'm sure that I want to buy it. But there's a little problem: there is no 4GB clix in Germany and the 2GB version is just too expensive. I don't know why there aren't more people who buy this amazing mp3 player, they just continue buying the iPod =[
So I would like to import the clix from USA. The problem: I haven't ever imported something and so I have no idea what I have to do
First I need a shop... The iriver online shop doesnt ship their players to Europe so I need a nother one. Could you please help me finding one? I'm sure that there are lots of shops in America who offer it... But little taxes and fees would be great =)
Furthermore I don't know what happens with the garanty if I import something... so... could I send the player back (lol I think that this phrase has a german structure but was soll man machen^^) ? In Germany you could send it back up to 2 weeks after the trade...

I think that are enough questions for one post, I'll ask more if something isn't clear =)
Thanks in advance, Markus
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