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Help Purchasing advice for an audiophile beginner

Hi everybody,

Because my player recently took his last tumble on the floor, I started to look around the internet for another player. And since my listening experience with my friend's iPod classic wasn't satisfying, I finally came across this site and board. So, after some reading, I thought I'd ask the community for advice.

My previous player was a Creative Zen MicroPhoto 8gb. I use a pair of Sennheiser 300cx with it. I really like the headphones, they're the best I've heard, so I'm planning to use this model/brand with my future player as well.

What I liked about the MicroPhoto is it seemed to fit a lot of music genres, from Kid A to Beethoven's piano sonatas, they all sounded good. That's what I didn't like about the iPod, by the way. So I'm looking for something with that kind of, er, scope. When I used that iPod, piano music was hard to hear and when I turned it up it quickly sounded like crap. The Zen handled these things really well. (I listen to a lot of classical, world music, jazz and other artist like Radiohead, Nick Cave, Tom Waits, Beach House, I don't know, you get the picture.)

Until now, all my music has been mp3s encoded at high quality (VBR, 320kbps) so that's what I'm using. Although with more space on the player, I wouldn't say no to a couple of flacs.

Which leads me to another selling point for me - space. I found that the 8gbs of the Zen were not enough for me, so I wouldn't like anything under 16. Actually, 32 sounds pretty good to me.

Another thing is I'm on a Mac but I like the really easy approach of just drag'n'drop files on the player like you would do on a memory stick. I wouldn't like to be forced to use iTunes or any media manager like that to transfer.

My initial research into the matter, so far, led me to believe that the 32gb Cowon S9 is really interesting (I'm not interested in video and all that touch screen bussiness, but the big memory and the high praise Cowon gets for sound quality got my interest) However, I know nothing about this brand, never even seen such a player in my country.

That's why I wanted to ask you for advice. Do you think of the Cowon S9 32gb will fit my profile? What other similar products would you reccomend? Maybe a cheaper one without the whole video thing, but still with the other pluses? Maybe somebody that has a similar product and has similar taste in music, how is it working for you? Any and all advice would be great.

Excuse the long post. I wanted to give a good picture of where I'm coming from. I'll probably revise it and add some family history, too.

Thanks everybody. Bye.
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