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Default 2 questions

Forgive me if this have already been posted, but I couldnt find anything about it.

If I install extra memory in the D2 and fill it up, will it display all content as one disk?

Atm Im the happy user of a Sony NWZ-A829 together with a Hornet amp. Will this baby gain any benefit from the Hornet....I know it has a much higher output than the Sony. Im using Senn's HD 25 (70 Ohm)

Any help much appreciated

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On the first: there are two viewing modes, by ID3 tag browser and by folder & file. The ID3 database appears as one merged list. The folder structure is divided at the top level into two: "D2" and "D2 EXT" (i.e. internal & external flash drives).
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Also to the first, when a SD card is in your D2 it and the D2 itself will show as seperate drives (EG: G:\ and H:\

The D2 has a very high output, I listen comfortably on my JCV marshmallows at 7-11, The d2's Max volume level is 50, Volume is mostly dependent on taste, I for one don't like my music to be as loud as several of my peers, but I don't like it so soft it's difficult to hear. so play with it, if you need an amp (doubtful) then use one, if not then you won't need it.
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