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Default What would you change or add to Clix?

Here you go guys, i want to see what others think of the Clix. I am very happy with the purchase. Even after using a Ipod Shuffle, Zen V Plus, Samsung YP-U2, Sandisk E260.

Few things i would change. This is just my opinion, i know some are going to say its loud enough and this and that. No bashing on why you think its good the way it is, this is a thread about what you would change and why. If you happy, then im happy for you. Ignorance is bliss. (not meaning that in a negative manner towards anyone).

1- MORE volume...just a tad more for MP3s. Radio is HELLA loud compared to mp3's at full volume. Also lets you use open cans outside. Just 3-4 more notches of volume would be perfect. Maybe even a street mode, which will let you add alittle extra volume when you need it.

2- UMS support. I know MTP is the new thing, play for sure bla bla bla bla bla. Should have it that we can pick which we would rather have. Lots of companies will do this (iRiver included on some players, but not the clix..booo)

3- Standard USB cable connection. I for one love having a extra cable in my bag for certain reason. Its normally a small 12" cable, not to bulky...but having to carry the clix USB cable is awful. Its bigger then the player to carry.

4- Lanyard holder...ummm very simple thing to add...also nice to have it on a lanyard in times of working out, or certain activities when you have no pockets.

5- Bigger buttons. The buttons are alittle small for big hands. Im sure ill get use to it, but just something that could be improved on.

6- Contrast for the stats screen. Meaning when you use a custom wall paper. The players writing and screen is almost completely transparent. Would be nice to control this so we can turn it up on darker wallpapers and turn it down on higher brightness pics.

7- No line out? I use my Clix to connect to my car stereo. Nice to have a none amp'ed connection to plug into a amped connection.

8- Make the battery user removable. Not just for the ability to carry a extra battery, but in times where the player will not turn off and the reset button isnt working. Also without a AC charger, a extra battery would be nice for vacations (see #9 below)

9- AC CHARGER included in accessories kit. is with the DAP world and using PC's to charge the player. I mean its great, dont get me wrong...but for times without a computer around (like vacations where you want to get away from the puter). Would be nice to have a charger for your player that you can plug into the wall. I know you can buy a AC to USB charger online..but should come with the player STOCK. No exceptions for that imho.

10- Have the case able to carry player and earbuds. This is a small gripe, but a gripe none the less. I love the case that comes with the clix. However where the earbuds supposed to go? Would be nice if the other side of the case had a small pocket for the buds. So you can have a music any time without having to worry about where you put the buds.

11- How about a small beep type speaker for the alarm? So you dont have to use headphones to hear it, or the docking =)

12- Using buttons while screen is off. This should be a simple firmware fix. Have the player be able to read dclicks and button pushes while the screen is off. I had to quickly turn down the volume to hear something on the tv, i was trying to push the volume button and to my shock, i couldnt get it down in enough time. The player will not read the first push/dclick, this will only wake it up. You again need to push the same button/dclick once the screen is on.

Other peoples thoughts on changes:

1- 30fps video instead of 15 - Good one there, didnt think about that.'
2- Different colors, Hot pink for the female geekdom =)
3- More space, would really need 30fps to enjoy it..but 8-10gb would be perfect for music, 10-30gb for video...imho
4- Line in, nice idea, but i belive they would need to improve the SQ on it to make it usable. Can do much better ripping on your puter in 320k.
5- BETTER BUDS ...i really like this idea. I know it will cost more, but again you not buying the cheapest DAP on the market. I would love to see this happen, but might cost more for iRiver. I think if it were really good buds..i would of coughed up a extra 30-40-50$ for the combo. Easily solved by pairing it up with you fav earphones.

This is just a few things that i would improve on. Chime in here, you never know who could be watching...might be able to have them change some stuff and we can all be a part of making the best DAP ever.
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