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Default Quick way to get to Music Library?

Hi folks,

I've had a D2 (firmware 2.57) for nearly a year and hardly use it because I can't stand how long it takes me to get to my music.

When I turn it on, I have to click:
Music > (takes me to whatever song I last played) > Browser > Music list > Mode > Music Library

That's a bit much.

Is there a way for it to just magically go to Music Library when I click Music on the main menu?


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Yeah I know what you mean exactly! And to add the cherry on top, they made so that the screen times out and returns to the Now Playing Screen, forceing you to renavigate all the way back to the Music List!
I understand that with the S9 they made it a little easier, supposidly the screen still times out but there is a quick way to go back to where you were.

But yeah they need a much more easier navigation sceme.
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Not that I know anything about this stuff, but shouldn't hacking it be not that difficult?

The timing out thing is also ridiculous, but I could forgive it if the Music List was a little easier to get to.

Other than that, best player I've ever owned. I wanted good sound quality and an SD slot and great battery life. But I'd even sacrifice the touch screen for a better UI.
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