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Hi guys!

I'm new here so please have patience with me. I just found out that this thread seems to answer me more questions, than my searches did before. Today I opened a thread with a question concerning the cover flow in landscape modus and if it would be possible to switch that only the albums are displayed and not the single songs. I find it very annoying in this way of selection to browse through all single songs and is not very effective.

As far as I understood, the new firmware will change the 2.20 landscape view to the matrix style. My question is, will it be possible to just use the old cover flow with only albums be displayed instead of songs?

I just got my player yesterday and I don't want to use the beta version of the fw, so it would be nice, if someone has the answer for me.

PS: thx to mf1232 for the hint with the firmware, my first opened thread can be deleted, if the mods think its not useful.
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You can go back to the coverflow as it was, or the matrix view as it is, but not a coverflow version that only shows one album cover with all the songs in that album revealed when tapped.

Or someone may be making a replacement music app that addresses your desire, but you'll have to follow the themes thread..
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Originally Posted by tropez29 View Post
let's predict when the next firmware update will come out. I predict this Friday, May 22.
not to toot my own horn but.... you gotta love the firmware updates. Thanks to cowon.
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