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Default Charge your battery with screen off.

I read some post asking about this a while ago, mentioning the fact that plugging your NS DV to the computer USB automatically turns on the screen in a high brightness mode, which is quite useless if you're not going to synch anything at the moment (and even so). I wanted to keep the unit charging with the screen off and found out a quite simple way to do it.

I never actually read the unit's full manual, only a quick guide that was included, so I don't know if it was mentioned there or there's other simpler way to do it.
This is done in a PC with Windows XP SP2 and the NS-DV4G firmware version 1.930. Never tested it in other conditions or with other OS stand by options. Anyway... here it is.

-First you need to put your PC on 'stand by' mode. In windows you just need to go to the 'turn off' options and you'll find the button there. The computer will shut off most of the components and just keep the memory going to restart the system quickly anytime you need it. The good thing is all USB ports will be still supplying energy.

-Now you can plug the player.It will still be functional (not in synch mode, since it has no active computer to synch to), and after a little while it will start charging battery.

-Turn the player off. You will see it shuts as usual, but not quite: you can turn it back on and see it starts really quick and instead of the usual start sequence it'll just display a little 'file and folder' sign and then be ready to play or anything. You'll also notice it's still charging the battery, actually, it was charging all this time. Now turn it back off (that's important).

-You can now wake up your PC by wiggling the mouse. The player's screen will remain off and charging battery until you turn it on, at that moment it will enter synch mode again.

This should take you less that 20 seconds and I think it's wort it. you save some energy and maybe some of your screen's life span too.
Hope it helps.

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