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Default What 16GB models are currently available?

I am starting to loose my mind with trying to sort though all the model numbers, and even after reading the sticky at the top, i am very confused. Why doesn't sony just list all the products on their site?

The 820 is attractive for me because of bluetooth headphones, but i don't know if it comes with the noise canceling of the 730, not to mention the nice bundled headphones. And, as i understand the 820 is older then the 730.

Anyone care to help? I am also really confused by S models vs A models.

Ideally, here's what i want: 16gb, noise canceling, nice headphones and maybe bluetooth. Bluetooth is optional, and i know i can always just get an adapter.

EDIT: I might just bite the bullet, say "screw this" and buy the A729. It seems to be the only thing available in the US anyway.

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Hey man, I had the same problem when looking for a sony player.

- The 'A' series has the biggest screen: there is an A7xx and an A8xx (the 8s have bluetooth)
- The 'S' series adds the senseme playlist feature: there is an S63x and a S73x (the 7s are the only ones with noise cancelling [but you have to use the provided headphones])

Any player that ends with a 9 (for example, A729) is 16 gigs, ending with an 8 is 8 gigs, and ending with a 6 is 4 gigs.

So if noise cancelling is what you want then I'd recommend you look for the S739, but it does not have any bluetooth capabilities (I don't think there are any available right now that have both). The headphones are pretty good, and again, you have to use them if you want to use the noise cancelling feature.

I have the S639, which is basically the same player without the noise cancelling. I am very happy with it. My personal recommendation would be to get that one and invest in some noise isolating headphones like the shure se115s.

Hope this helps, and please forgive me if some of the numbering wasn't correct (I confused myself writing this).

EDIT: oh, and if you're having trouble finding the one you looking for try asking directly at the sony store, that's how I got a hold of my player
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I chose A829, because i found a really good deal on it.

While sensible playlist would be good, i could live without it. Too bad it's out of stock at the moment, but it should arrive in two weeks.
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Good deal, enjoy it when it arrives.
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