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Default "Looking" for replacement for Fuze

This is kinda random, but my buyer's "itch" is kicking in and I am interested in purchasing a new MP3 player. I currenlty have a Sansa Fuze that has paint chipping off of it (just the click wheel and button). I was just going to get a replacement from Best Buy as I have a warranty on it, but I just remembered that within the first year of the warranty, you can get a different player as a replacement instead of the same one. You use up the warranty, but that's cheap enough. Anyone know of a PMP/MP3 that might be worth getting as a "replacement" for the Fuze that's within the same price range? I'm looking for something that has full ID3 tag support, including embedded cover art (has issues with that with the P2), decent battery life (similar to Fuze), full MSC support, and comfortabel to hold in somewhat large hands. Gapless playback would be nice, but its not that important to me. I know a Cowon player would fit this perfectly, but I am limited to what I can purchase at Best Buy. I am pretty sure I cannot get my money back in place of a new player.

I kinda want to give the View a try again (fits better in my extra large hands), but I had major firmware issues with it when it first came out. Also, it did not have an option to set it to MSC mode: You had to hold down a button combo to get it to connect to a Mac or Linux box.

Thanks ahead of time to anyone who can help me out.

Edit: Ga. Forgot to say what Fuze I have. Its a 8GB.

Edit 2: Um.... Someone added those ipod tags to my post. Can a Mod get rid of those for me?

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