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Default Zen Vision M 30 GB : Touch Pad is not working

I have Creative Zen vision M 30 gb set. 3-4 months back the touchpad functionality stopped working. I tried everything but its not working normal. Whenever I open the player it shows me the already playing song. I am not able to scroll, I cant raise the volume,cant change song etc. I tried installing new firmware also...but problem is as it is. I tried reformatting by selecting reformating option from the menu but I was not able to select that option because I cant scroll.

Please help me
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Sounds like a mechanical problem, something mustof broken inside. Change of song is not done with the touchpads "touch function" wich only is up/down. Change of song is the little buttons on the side of the touchpad: left/right, and does not depend on the TOUCH function itself (of the touchpad). Hope you understand what I mean.
I think you should contact Creative support for a solution to this problem coz it really sounds like a mechanical, not firmware/technical, problem. Good luck!
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I had a similar problem myself, the touch pad constantly would scroll down rather than not work at all. I figured out that it was the connection for the touch pad. If you're confident enough you could try opening it up ( and make sure the ribbon connecting the touch pad is secure.

I've just put mine back together (it happened again on the way home from work last night) so can't really be bothered taking it apart again to show you pictures of what I mean but if you're really stuck I'll take it apart when I have time and post the pictures of what I mean.
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30 gb, creative zen vision m, stuck, touchpad

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