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Default conversion from widescreen to fullscreen

widescreen videos pose a problem to be viewed on an already small screen on D2. is there a way by which i can strip the widescreen bars?
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well... Widescreen videos are a different aspect ratio, so unless you want parts of the video to be cut off (left and right sides) or the video to look squished no, there is no way...

If you're ok with squished video use a video editing program to resize it (I've only ever used adobe premier pro at school for vid editing so I can'treccomend a program) or if you're ok with losing the left and right sides a bit, cut those off with a video editing program.
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The media converter that comes with Jet Audio will do it for you. Under options click the resize tag and set the conversion from 16:9 to 4:3 to crop left and right. If you leave it at resize to fit then you get the reduced video size.

I don't have the program in front of me now so I'm describing this from memory but that's basically what you look for.

Be careful when you do this. It doesn't hurt some videos but others will have important elements in the left and right portions that will be lost.

I generally feel free to do this with TV shows because they design those to work in 4:3 even when they make them wider. I suspect movies do this too but I'm not sure.

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