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Default Sennheisser sounds better on nano !!

I have a Sony Walkman 826 with the bluetooth. The headphones that came in the box are fantastic.

But I was experimenting and found that my Sennheiser CX 300-II sounded better on a nano than it did on the walkman, which is strange because of the good word I had on the Sony sound quality. Is there a reason for this ? I'd even say it sounded tinny on the walkman. The nano however sounded rich and deep.
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you LIKE the earphones that they came with??? usually, those are the worst kind of earphones...

also, try playing with the settings and volume on the sony...because it should sound better than nano (or at the very very least, the same)...also, have you tried other headphones?
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Actually, the Sony A826 comes w/a pretty decent set of iem's. And the reason that the senn's may not sound that great to you is that you just don't like that combo of iem+player. It happens, which is why I have a few different sets of hp's & iem's (mostly hp's for me tho). There's nothing wrong w/the Sony included iem's, and personally I'm not too fond of the CX300 sound sig myself.
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I'm not too fond of the combination of my cx300 and my sansa clip. To me it doesn't sound right.

But I love the cx300s with my P3.
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Hmm, odd.

I'm looking at getting one or the other version of the A828 or the 829 if some things are confirmed for me.

I have the first or second gen iPod mini with the CX300s and they sound alright. I have tried them with a CD player too and they did sound better, richer - but that was a CD playing.
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