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Help How easy is it to find and play a track?

Ok, first a bit of background to my question: My collection of music includes hundreds of CDs (most of which are singles not albums). This means that if I want to listen to a particular track/song, I have to physically search for the relevant CD, which could be stored in one of several aluminium DJ cases, or in various stacks of CDs around my apartment.

To make life easier, if I were to rip all my CDs and store them in a DAP which has sufficient capacity, then I'd have all those tracks at my fingertips. And having recently read various reviews of Cowon's new D2+ (all agreeing that its SQ is excellent!), I'm now very tempted to get one.

I understand that the D2/D2+ allows browsing of music either by folders or by ID3 tags, but the D2 user manual doesn't show any details of the actual process, and I've not found any description either in the forums here or at iAudiophile. However, I've seen various comments about the D2/D2+ navigation not being the easiest to use (navigiation on any iPod is supposedly much easier), and that browsing by ID3 tags is frequently problematic. I read also that the timeout when browsing folders is not very long, so if you aren't quick enough when browsing multiple/nested folders, the Now Playing screen returns and then you have to start again - that would definitely be frustrating!

So, given that my primary objective is to make it easy to find any track very quickly, am I likely to become quickly annoyed with the navigation options on the D2+?

If anyone could provide a description of how to navigate using folders and ID3 tags on a D2/D2+ I'd really appreciate it.

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