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Default How To Contact Cowon America For Support

When I first came to ABI it was like so many of you, I broke something and wanted to figure out how to get it fixed. After trying over and over to register on Cowons Support site I finally figured it out.

1. Forget about registering, you'll never get that return confirmation email.

2. Forget about looking for a 1-800 number, that's far too 1998.

3. Go to Cowon Support Center Between the hours of 9:30am to 5pm Pacific Mon-Fri. In the bottom left hand corner of that page is what looks like an advertisement

it's not an ad it's the link for Cowon live chat where you can talk to a service representative and actually solve your problems. You need to go during business hours, but in my experience they were very helpfull and within a week my player was back to me fixed .
This all seems easy I know but after going to so many web pages and ignoring the stupid ads all over them you tend to ignore the little ad looking button in the bottom corner.
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Thanks for the tip, this is exactly what I was looking for!
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Has any Australian residents gone through the Cowon RMA procedure?
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Default Respectfully disagree re Cowon Support

For 9 months I've been trying to consolidate my music onto a newer (but not brand new) MP3. I've shipped both units back to them and twice they swore up and down that that put the music onto the IAudio7. Only reason why I don't have a new unit is because the two prior had mechanical difficulties and now I am losing music I put on one of them for no good reason.

I will be more than willing to show you the email stream from their support site. It's ridiculous.

Thanks for listening. Suggestions? Letter to Korea or wherever someone might care about this?
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Originally Posted by Cornell81 View Post
... Suggestions? ...
Either music on a DAP or data off a pc/lappy you should always have anything you feel is important backed up. Canít help with cowon, Iíve not run into something I canít fix myself yet.

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I believe it even states right on their support page(or at least on the RMA page) to back up all your data and they are not responsible for any lost files.
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That function doesn't exist any more.

I've currently been waiting two weeks to hear anything about my Z2, and finally looked at their RMA status page (

According to them for my RMA there are two dates stating that its status is "pending." Their "translation" of that says "package not received."

Well, that's wrong. I sent by USPS, with tracking and insurance. I was able to track my package to their Irvine offices, including a statement that it was delivered. I'm more apt to believe the USPS because it was also insured and I never had any difficulties sending my S9 to them by the same method some years ago. What I need is a phone number.

Here's their full mailing address plus a phone number as supplied by Manta:
Cowon America Inc
9272 Jeronimo Road # 106
Irvine, CA 92618
Phone: (949) 305-8800

Now, is that phone number correct? Can I use it to tell Cowon to get a proper customer service department and to get on the ball in repairing my device?

Because I'm at a total loss of how to contact them now. No email. No phone number. No "chat with an operator" service.

I love Cowon products. But their customer service is THE worst I have ever experienced.

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