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Default Looking for broken D2

I've fried my D2 circuit board.

I'm looking for a 16 Gig D2 that has a broken screen, or some other problem, but has a functional board inside.

I was hacking into my car stereo to add a aux input with a jack so I could plug my D2 in without an FM transmitter or, worse yet, a cassette adapter.

Ignoring that little voice in my head, I used my precious D2 to provide a signal into the stereo, instead giving the D2 12 volts right into the headphone jack. ouch!

The Wolfson codec chip, (WM8985G), has a portion blown out of it, but the rest of the board looks ok. In fact the D2 operates perfectly, just no audio. I can get a chip through mouser electronics, but my surface mount soldering skills are just not there.

I've had this D2 since Nov. of 2008. I doubt the warrenty will cover this!!
If I can find a board, this will be my best shot for a speedy recovery I think.

Please, If you have an orphaned d2, let the poor thing give life to an ailing, but much loved d2. Sign the organ donor card, contact me, make a few bucks. It's the right thing to do.

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Check ebay, you might have a bit of luck there.
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You might also look at the Sales section on the forums at Head-Fi. But IMHO, that's the perfect excuse to get an S9. I am excited for the day my D2 breaks, but it'll probably go until the battery explodes.

Part of me would want a sweet, exotic musical instrument instead, but those tend to be more than $285, and somewhat time consuming... (Hardingfele, Sitar/Sarod)
The above is opinionated and as such, incredibly biased. Taking any of the above as fact is punishable to the full extent of the law, up to and including death.

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go to craigslist and check...people there usually have no sense of value, so you might find a good deal
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Thanks for the replies, I had thought that it might be the perfect excuse to upgrade!
Although it might be a perfect excuse to buy a hot-air rework station and try to replace the chip. I think I'd get more geek-points that way ;-)

I'll check craigslist, ebay had nothing. Head-fi might be a good lead also.

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