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Default Chinese players (TL-T50+)

Sometimes I think that this excellent forum on purpose tries to ignore Chinese players despite that most of the players in the world are made in China... all marked with an apple as logo.

I see mostly Korean players (it seems that Archos is Chinese... I really don't care as are ridiculously expensive) and some made in USA of course all expensive too.

I own the player I consider that have no competitions in quality, features and versatility as it's a Cowon D2 (now disguised as D2+ and Rockbox) and I would pay to the expensive Koreans what they ask for this device.

But after this I have a collection of excellent Chinese players like Meizu M6SL, M3, RAmos RM970, some Onda and several unbranded in general cheap devices with good sound, as it seems the trend of this manufacturers. Once i have a iRiver X20 which was simply garbage, and I bring it as a gift to a cousin.

But recently I bough a little marvel known a TL-T50+ (unbranded Teclast also know as s:Flo lite and lots of other names) which for a very cheap price brings features not found in any other player like it's TV-OUT (PAL for the moment) and FM trasmitter to connect into a FM radio. But what is more amazing is the quality of sound due to Rockchip RK2706 chip plus Microsft PlayFX and the impressive ability to play any video format available (not MKV).

Believe me, this little marvel, which is managed by a wonderful and consistent software, is my second option in quality in my large collection of MP4.

I would like to have a Cowon S9 which have similar features but enhanced and with a better manufacture but I'm not rich and I'm from South America... so I can live with this TL-T50+ very happy.
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One of the reasons is that these Chinese companies don't send their players around to be reviewed. In fact, they don't need to have them reviewed because the chinese market is big enough for them to earn their fair share.

Korean players have to be sold internationally or else for the same amount of effort put in to develop the players, they will be earning back less. The Korean market is ONLY that big. This applies to Creative too.

With that, no reviews => no opinions => no discussion => kind of ignored.
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Indeed your point of view is very interesting... makes a lot of sense what you say.
I have had some experiences of Chinese spoke person somehow disgusted because some of their products conceived to be distributed in China have reach countries where they don't have interest.
It's a pity as some of their products a very good and cheap.

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dont really trust that sitem, that is a new player not quite in china yet and they clain it in stock"!!! - they list every player made almost and all in stock - really do not trust them, plus they are drop shippers so i would be wary

that player uses the same chip as in the cube H100 and can play H264, MP4, MKV etc etc etc and if multiple video formats is what you need that its one to go for but as ever wait for the reviews because some chinese players come with crap screens though teclast aint too bad in that department, it doe have an HDMI port on the player but it cant deliver full 1080 to the tv, maybe 720 max, also supports exfat for larger files but why??? this is what confuses me about all this quest to support massive movie files, a full DVD rip of bluray film in HQ will take up 4GB + and the player will max out a 8GB (poss 16 if prices fall) so why would you want 4GB + files on a media player i just do not get it at all and china is mad for it, these players can not even send the full res to the tv so i just do not get it at all
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maderin, you have so many experience for chinese dap, can u list a few model that has good sound quality?
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