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Default help me unbrick!

i've spent quite a while trying looking on forums for answers and hope you guys can help me out.

I own a sansa c250 01.00.06P which I somehow recently bricked by downloading the newest version of rockbox. By bricked, I mean that whenever I turn on the player, even when pressing the left button, a dark blue light fills the screen & the screen goes black after several seconds. I followed the rockbox instructions & ended up having to copy the .mi4 & .rom files on the recovery mode folder of the player. After that, the sansa firmware was working, though the sansa dragon & mp3 player logo looked somewhat different & the sansa firmware took longer on the player to boot. I installed rockbox, which allowed me to copy files & worked, playing mp3, some sort of photo files, & mpg files on the player. However, whenever I tried to delete files from the player using the player's erase feature (though deleting them on the computer did give more space on the player), they still took up just as much space as if they were there when I checked for total amount of space on the player in the player's & window's ways of finding totall space on the player. i've reinstalled rockbox but still have this last problem & the problem of the sansa firmware taking about a minute to boot (& the dragon & sansa player logo still looks different than usual). somehow, while using the rockbox firmware on my player (i think it was once when i was using it when i turned the player on & off when the problem developed) the files were no longer able to be accessed on the rockbox firmware & now whenever i use my sansa player i must take the longest time to boot my player & must cope w/ using the sansa firmware to play only my mp3 files.
Please help me out!
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