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Default Got my SlotRadio Player

Yea, I know, nobody really thinks SlotRadio or SlotMusic are going to make it. But as a gadget freak, I had to have one.

I ordered the SRP w/travel case deal on The SRP comes in a plastic box that is actually kind of neat. It can actually be used as a storage box for the device, along with the headphones, silicon skin, AC adapter and USB cable. Both the plastic box and travel case As is the little SR card holder. Orange. OK, it had to be some color, so why not orange.

A few observations:

It's smaller than I expected, but more than half. It isn't a lot bigger than a Clip, although it is heavier.

The display is monochrome. I guess that cuts down on the cost.

The radio has RDS. This would be nice on the Fuze/Clip, but I don't think they have the decoder hardware to do it. (I wouldn't mind being wrong.)

The USB connection is not a mini-B but rather a micro-B connector. So that means another cable to carry around if you don't already have another device that uses one.

I also have a Fuze, and a SlotMusic player. The Fuze's latest firmware will recognize and play SlotRadio cards. It would already play SlotMusic cards, since they're pretty much normal 1GB microSD cards. SlotRadio cards appear to have a hidden partition that contains the 1000 songs. Windows can not see this partition when the card is in either a Fuze, SlotRadio player, or regular card reader. Linux might be able to, I have no way to check.

There is a "public" partition on the SlotRadio card that is about 67MB on the one that comes with the SlotRadio player. Songs can be copied to this partition and played with the SlotRadio Player. I have no idea what the size of the whole card is. It has to be at least 4GB to hold 1000 songs.

The SlotRadio player can play SlotMusic cards, and most likely any microSD cards. The SlotMusic player doesn't play the 1000 songs on the SlotRadio card, but can probably play songs that would be copied to the public partition. The Fuze should play either one.

The SlotRadio player's AC adapter is adorable. It's smaller than Apple's iPod AC adapter, in fact it's not much larger than a standard AC plug.

Switching the SR card between the SlotRadio player and the Fuze it appears that the "position" in the list of songs is kept track of on the card itself. I suppose that's so that you can't simply pull the card out and put it back in to return to the beginning. That sort of makes sense; if you were a couple of hundred songs down the list, you'd have to skip a lot of songs to get back where you were. I still wish you could back up, though.

Well, this is my toy for the weekend...
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