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Help iAudio 7 vs Sony S638

I know, it seems like I make one of these every few days. But there are too many choices in DAP!

After ruling out the D2, I was certain on getting the Walkman, until I saw Ka-Boom's review of the iAudio 7, causing me to ask for the opinions of you lovely folks at ABI

There are many pros and cons of each player I can think of, I'll list them, but hopefully you can put any worries at bay, and hopefully swing me to one player or another.

Walkman Pros :

Full Tactile Interface
"Heavy" EQ suitable for my style of music (or so i've heard)
Better than average stock earphones
Great SQ (I've heard)
3 months free Napster trial
Newer than iAudio 7

Cons :

Less Battery Life
More expensive
No Ogg or FLAC support
Proprietary Connector (May not be that big of a deal)

iAudio 7 Pros :

60 hours battery
"Warm" "Non-Fatiguing" SQ (So i've heard)
Swing Touch looks interesting
Voice Recording?
No one knows Cowon, so there'll be a lot of "What's that?"
Mini USB connection
Folder Browsing OR ID3 tag browsing
Slightly Cheaper than Walkman

Cons :

Slightly Chunky compared to Walkman
Small screen (may not be a problem)
Limited hardware buttons (Though they ARE programmable, right?)
Errors with Ogg Vorbis tags.
Blind Control may be difficult

Anything else I've missed?

I'd especially like to know about the i7 and blind control, does it really need to be locked if in a pocket if the buttons are touch sensitive?

I'll probably use the bundled buds with the Sony, or get some Sennheiser CX 300 for the Cowon i7 (Or any other IEMs in that price catagory that are superior, or the same quality)

If it helps, I listen to a lot of Rock and Metal

Thanks a lot if you help! And thanks for being patient with my many questions
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