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Default Is Lplayer a Good choice?

I want to get a new mp3 player now since my P2 is getting old and my ipod touch is to heavy and big to carry around daily
and the sony A828 i have is great but i got easy bored of it it just not something special designwise.

I have birthday soon and im thinking i should get a new player
Mostly i have been thinking about a Cowon D2+ or S9
but the price is a bit high, however i think the both are beautiful.

I want something not too big and I planned to get a Clix2 some months back then it got discontinued making it harder to get.

I dont like the design of Sansa players so i wont get that.
but then i saw Lplayer and now I know it must be the next Clix

As an alternative i could propably save up more money and buy a D2+ or even get a Clix2 on Ebay (with the risk that might be)
but somehow it does not feel right to get discontinued products i dunno but I dont realy feel for it
I still dunno why Iriver took and discontiued CLIX2 their greatest product is just insane, anyone can tell me why iriver discontinued CLIX2?

The good thing about Lplayer is I can get a White color i think White is perfect for Iriver players

have some question about the player.

I hope someone can answer

1. How long does the battery last if you only use Lplayer as audioplayer
at max volume ?
I mean will it atleast last 6 hours in row?

2. how is sound quality, Will i get a much lower quality sound than say Samsung P2?
will the sound be better than my ipod touch poor sound?

3. I read that Clix themes is not compatible with Lplayer ofcourse is not is another player so why should it
BUT..... Do you think a lot of Lplayer themes will be avaible soon

if there is one thing that help a mp3 player not be too boring is it having themes.

4. How solid is it, if it once drop down to the street will it break?
maybe the screen is the only issue will it easy scratch?

5. Does Lplayer have Album cover art?

6. Will it work on Windows Vista specially for Drag & drop?
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