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Exclamation Zune not recognized at all

Alright I've had my Zune 8gb since last year (round about September) and it's worked fine until a couple days ago.

I plugged my zune in just like I normally would to sync a couple songs that I had bought earlier that day off of's MP3 store (all my other music works fine) when I plugged the player in it started "updating" some music files, I'd gotten used to this even though I don't really know why it does this, but then it got stuck at 17%, this has happened at various points through my time of having a zune, usually just a wipe of the internal memory through the software works like a charm, but this time was different. I tried to get it to wipe, then the software recognized no music on the device, but 5.36 gb was "reserved by other computers" I had had exactly that much music on the device and sure enough when I unplugged it and looked through the device all my stuff was there, down to the last photo, except for the new music I had bought.

so I decided to try having the softwre forget the device, then plug it back in. this had no effect, the zune still came up as mine and it still had no content showing in the software, but all my music was on the device. I did a hard reset (back and up at the same time, then play/pause to turn it back on) this had no effect, so I did a content wipe from the device, now I had no music or photos or anything oon the zune, but the computer still showed 5.36 gb as reserved, so I uninstalled the zune software and reinstalled the v3.1 software, no changes, so I did the last ditch effort thing, a full wipe, including firmware, and when I plugged it in it reinstalled firmware to 3.1 on the zune, but the software stuck at the "please wait while your device is updated" screen, the next and cancel buttons were greyed out. I left it connected, and at this point for half an hour, when I came back to it it was still there, the Zune was at the main menu, the software as frozen. so I exited the software and restarted it, now the software won't recognize the device at all!

I've tried reinstalling the software and reformating the zune several times now, and have come to the same spot as I've described.

so should I just toss the zune, or is there another thing I can do? I've been looking at new players as well, but I'd rather wait till summer or next fall to actually get one. Next time I'm definetly not getting another Zune, I didn't like not being able to use WinAmp or WMP11 to sync, and the collection on both the device and the computer was finnicky at best, but that's not the issue, at the current time it's just plain and simple unusable.
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