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Default I have a problem with the scrolling (D2+) the music library.When I push the up or down button in the music library,it scrolls 5 steps up or down.But in the settings section, it scrolls single.I want it that way,like the old D2.I'm not comfortable with it.Is there any way to fix this ?? Thanks in advance
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I prefer the new over the old, AFAIK the only way to change the scrolling pattern is to use the old D2 FW.
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I seriously love the new scrolling method. I can navigate the library far faster than with virtual motion.

I don't think there is a way to change it, but the old scrolling method was useless anyway.
I suggest that you slide your finger across the screen to scroll, and tap to select items.
The above is opinionated and as such, incredibly biased. Taking any of the above as fact is punishable to the full extent of the law, up to and including death.

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Yeah it's nice for scrolling faster but I was so happy with the old system.Because I'm not comfortable with opening files by pushing on them.I was always using the on screen buttons.Anyway if you want to scroll even faster, you can use the scrollbar at the left of the screen.I always use it and it's good.But looks like we can't change it and I guess I'll try to get used it
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