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Default D2+ with iAudio 7 AC adapter?

Hi all,

I can't find voltage/polarity specs for the D2+/iaudio 7 power adapters. Are they interchangeable? Isn't the USB voltage spec the same for all such adapters?

Below is my uninformative chat with Cowon tech support.

Thanks in advance.


Welcome drone! Your request has been directed to the Technical Support department. Please wait for our operator to answer your call.
Call accepted by operator Technical Support Team1. Currently in room: drone, Technical Support Team1.
drone: Can you use the iaudio 7 AC adapter for the D2+? I canít find anything in the cowon documentation showing the voltage/polarity/pinouts.
Technical Support Team1: Its not the same kind of charger. It uses the same one for the D2.
So is that a yes or no? They're both usb chargers
Technical Support Team1:
Its not the same kind of charger.
Different voltage?
Technical Support Team1:
Its not designed for it.
drone: you know anywhere in the cowon documentation online that would show me the specs for the adapters?
Technical Support Team1:
There wouldn't be any.
Curiouser and curiouser. Thanks.
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