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Default A little test on how loud some players really are

Despite the specs you can read on manufacturers sites I did a little test on how loud some players really go... the results differ quite a bit from the arbitrary mW specs claimed by the manufacturers.

Especially the Cowon D2 which is claimed to have one of the beefiest amps (74mW) isn't that loud. The other surprise is the Sansa Clip. The chipset maker AMS mentions 120mW of power into 16 Ohm for that specific SOC, but Sandisk seemed to limit the chip quite a lot.

Measurements are made with an Echo AudioFire4 line-in (-10dBV weighted) at nominal input volume, no pre-amp. Test file is pink noise, 16/44.1 WAV at 0dB. All players were used at their maximum volume, no EQ or other enhancements. And no silly EU-crippled firmwares either.

No load:

Cowon X5 (Rockbox +6dB):	-0.4dB
Cowon O2: 			-2.4dB
Cowon D2:			-3.9dB
Cowon X5:			-4.0dB
Cowon X5 (Rockbox 0dB):	 	-4.0dB
Cowon S9:			-5.0dB
Samsung YP-R0:			-5.0dB
Archos 32:			-5.2dB
Sansa Clip+ (Rockbox +6dB):	-6.0dB
Samsung YP-U1:			-6.8dB
Cowon X5 (Line Out):		-7.2dB
Sansa Clip (Rockbox Old +6dB):	-8.1dB
Sansa Clip:			-8.2dB
Sansa Clip+ (Rockbox 0dB):	-11.5dB
Sansa Clip (Rockbox Old 0dB):	-14.2dB
Nintendo DS (Moonshell):	-14.5dB

16 Ohm load:

Cowon X5 (Rockbox +6dB):	-2.5dB
Cowon O2: 			-4.5dB
Cowon X5 (Rockbox 0dB):		-6.7dB
Cowon X5:			-6.8dB
Cowon D2:			-6.8dB
Sansa Clip+ (Rockbox +6dB):	-6.9dB
Cowon S9:			-7.9dB
Samsung YP-R0:			-8.2dB
Sansa Clip:			-8.6dB
Sansa Clip (Rockbox Old +6dB):	-8.6dB
Samsung YP-U1:			-10.1dB
Sansa Clip+ (Rockbox 0dB):	-11.6dB
Sansa Clip (Rockbox Old 0dB):	-14.6dB
Archos 32:			-14.6dB
Nintendo DS (Moonshell):	-29.2dB
The Cowon O2, rated at 64mW, is the loudest player of them all (excluding Rockbox +6dB on the X5). The ancient Cowon X5, rated at 40mW, is actually more or less the same as the 74mW D2. And the Sansa Clip is rather quiet...
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