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Default Zen Micro Photo freezes on FW update

Looking for some help, so thank you in advance. I have a ZMP that would not get past the recovery menu. I was thinking the micro drive may have died, and ran into this thread. I bought a Transcend 8GB CF and installed it with no problems. It boots the Recovery Menu, formats and reports 7GB+ free. When plugged into my XP puter with WMP10 it comes up under [COLOR=blue !important][COLOR=blue !important]MY [COLOR=blue !important]Computer[/color][/color][/color] as the ZMP with 20mb free like others have reported. It also comes up under Device Manager/Portable Devices as the ZMP. But, following the flash instructions on pg1 I run into multiple problems. updater starts up right away with or without the ZMP plugged in, and is never not visible like the instructions indicates. Second, if I start the updater, then plug in the ZMP the "UPDATE" button on the updater becomes usable. If I click "Update" the ZMP just displays the usb transfer icon (never the "DOCKED" text), and the updater displays 1 square on the progress bar then hangs. The ZMP will at times go back to the Recovery Menu, but the updater always hangs at 1 square. Last, on the ZMP boot right after the Creative logo displays, some black and white artifacts show up for a quick second just before the Recovery Menu comes up (has anyone ever seen this?). Not sure whats going here, any help is much appreciated.
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