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Default More D2/D2+ Questions...


My grandmother decided to get me an Amazon gift card instead of just getting the D2 I had originally asked for, which happened to be the week before the D2+ was announced. So, I thought my decision was made for me but now I find myself getting to decide and I could really use some advice - I'm torn between the two. I'm actually leaning towards the D2 because it seems to be a better value right now and is well supported. But I'm curious. Is there any info yet as to whether Cowon will stop firmware upgrades on the D2 now that the D2+ has been released? With the changes in the D2+ being rather minimal, it seems the main reason to consider it would be "future-proof-ness". What do you think? Am I missing something? I'm also wondering your opinions on purchasing a refurbished D2 from Jetmall on Amazon. Is the warranty the same? Would you worry about it? Several people have mentioned that the D2 has some "metallic" parts vs the all plastic D2+. Is the D2 really part metal or is it simply silver metallic colored plastic? Just kind of trying to get down to the nitty-gritty differences so I can make a decision and order it!

Thanks so much in advance.

All the best,
PS I posted a more generic question about this sometime ago. I thought this should be its own thread but if I'm wrong, please feel free to merge them.
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