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Default Wallpaper (Claw) UI v3 -- [x.10 FW]

Version 3 - for x.10 firmware and later!

Note - Most of the historical text has been removed - its repeated throughout the rest of this thread anyway. Only latest release info will be posted here.
Wallpaper UI Pack v3.48

Note this is a full pack and replaces all patches/packs prior to v3.48

  1. Removed debug tracing from the browser (accidentally left over in prior release). It created the claw_debug and s9_debug sol files.
  2. Adjusted the 1-pixel gap in the header for 'bookmark' portion of the browser.
  3. Added New footer changing support to the main menu, picture viewer, recorder, and radio. Besides the two built-in versions, custom loaded footers are supported as well, with fillowing filenames:
    Global filename: footer_bg.png
    If global setting is not used:
    • Main Menu: footer_bg_mainmenuN.png, where 'N' is the menu number.
    • Radio: footer_bg_radio.png
    • Picture: footer_bg_picture.png
    • Record: footer_bg_record.png
  4. Fixed an alignment issue in the red-colored Radio Record text.
  5. Additional internal optimization of the browser.
  6. Fixed a bug with browser hotkey search - the spacebar is supposed to be ignored in hotkey mode. It should just return without triggering a search.
  7. Some minor internal code optimization in Picture viewer. I did notice on rare occasion some artifacts that were caused by optimization (i.e. bugs) - such as thumbnails not going away, etc ... let me know if you see any.
  8. Settings -> Picture Viewer -> Extra Back Arrow: Add a 'return' arrow button at the top left of the Picture viewer's header. This allows going back a folder without having to move all the way to the top of the viewer.
  9. As a design consideration, moved external file loading function for custom footers and for loading of vignettes/custom knob in Music UI into Launcher. If you are not using Wallpaper UI launcher, do not set any of these to <Custom> as they will no longer load.
  10. Fixed an issue that prevented User Settings screen from resetting itself after it was launched via a wrapper directly into Playlist Manager.
  11. MSC Playlists are back. Note - if you activate them, m3u playlists will not be accessible anymore (Until I find another place where to park the feature). I hope I restored all the functions properly but I'm not entirely sure.

Wallpaper UI - Patch v3.49

Note - this is a patch - and should be installed on top of v3.48

  1. Fixed a bug with new back arrow in Picture Browser not removing stale images.
  2. Photo Browser optimizations:
    • Removed unused Movie Clips
    • Some ActionScript optimizations
    • Klaus @ Naver found that removing MCPhotoLoader is harmless in Frame 1. This makes the wallpaper visible, however the Launcher disables wallpaper in Picture browser, so that MC is not necessary. That speeds up scrolling a little
  3. Settings -> Picture Viewer -> Show Thumbnail Zoom Bar (Yes or No). Show or Hide the zoom bar in the Picture Viewer's thumbnail browser.
  4. Fixed a bug where Music UI was not setting proper album art size in the firmware (fscommand typo).
  5. Enabled Play/Pause hard button in Browser (only when entering the browser from Music UI).
  6. Left/Right/Up/Down green arrows moved to be above album art when they show up. Normally they need to be visible, but large album art blocks them ...
  7. Settings -> Music -> Playinfo Touch Function moved/renamed to Settings -> Music -> Play Info -> Touch Function
  8. Added a new Playinfo Touch function (Show/Hide Art), which toggles display of album art.
  9. Fixed a bug where Custom Icon Manager invoked directly from the menu fails to exit.
  10. Added 'Title / Album / Artist' Play Info Layout option.
  11. Attempt to fix 'Zoom to Native'. For Matt, this is what I ended up doing:
    MCPhotoLoader._xscale = (100 / MCPhotoLoader.MCViewBase["mc" + imgBoxIndex]._xscale) * 100;
    MCPhotoLoader._yscale = (100 / MCPhotoLoader.MCViewBase["mc" + imgBoxIndex]._yscale) * 100;
    All this does is attempt to move the underlying image back to 100% scale, and I don't have to care which side is scaled heavier. Not sure if it works in all cases yet ...

Download Patch v3.49

Download Wallpaper UI Pack v3.48

Download Alternative Launcher Pack v3.48

Note that you need to download the Pack plus all patches. Install each patch separately, one at a time, in the numeric order.

For a detailed guide to the settings, see here:

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