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Originally Posted by saratoga View Post
If its not that hard you're probably not doing it right. That guy on headfi who had pretty good ABX result took 160 trials over the course of something like a month to get positive results, and even then he couldn't ABX most of his test tracks. If you accomplish this in a few minutes theres probably something else going on.
Like what?

One summer I think I'll spent time ABXing the heck out of everything I can so I have some documented tests to back up my claims, because they don't always agree with the accepted truth. . . I'll probably get some help from hydrogenaudio ppl (ugh) when I do that to make sure I do it right. . .

But now I'm busy. . . geo lab in less than an hour.
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Originally Posted by dfkt View Post
Lestatar - Additionally, in two sentences, I would say: I want my LAME MP3s on my portable player, and my FLACs on my computer - I don't see a realistic reason to have both available at the same time. Especially since both, the lossy and lossless part of MP3HD, aren't up to par with the free open source standards already available...>SNIPPED....
Yes, this is indeed perhaps the core problem for mp3HD isn't it? FLAC is simply too good and too widely accepted by both savvy users and manufacturers these days - a shift to mp3HD doesn't seem to make much sense now.

The only conclusion I can draw is that there simply is no compelling reason to consider mp3HD.

I wonder if Thomson has a plan for this?
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Mp3HD is a “worthy of note” idea and I wish them well, too bad it wasn’t around years earlier and they may have had a better chance with gaining acceptance. Personally I can’t see myself going to it with FLAC being around already so long and converting to V0 from it is easy and quick as others have said …

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