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Default Anyone notice P7 is on Iriver site

The P7 is on the Iriver site with quite a few pics and details. I use to have a Clix Gen2 and loved it (great UI). I needed more memory and a little better sound quality so moved to Cowon D2 .

I hope this thing rocks... Been waiting for P3 and S9 in 32gb to upgrade... they may have made me wait too long .

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Iriver has dropped the ball with the SPINN. The clix 2 and the B20 players were one of teh best mp3 players ever (UI, functionality, music management on the go, SQ). I hope the P7 will follow the clix2 with great UI and advanced music management options. It even adds an expansion slot. I would very much like to have a slimmed down version of the p7. Although p7's screen is indeed subpar compared to other models of other brands, it makes the player much more affordable.
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I just ordered the 16GB version as I not sure if Iriver players combine Expansion memory with Internal. If so I could cancel and order 8GB I guess.

Sill 16GB for 135 is a pretty nice deal. The UI is the reason I buying this, it looks great.
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Music off the card is combined, but no other media type are. That's assuming you have it in DB view as opposed to folder view.
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