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Cool Puzzle (?uzzle) by Luna 1.06b (up to 2.1-in reply)

version 2.0 posted as a reply by da1writer
also 2.1 posted as a reply
*You must delete all the files starting with “puzzle” in “system\flash UI\sol” folder before applying new version.

As I've said, I've translated what was said by Luna and is uploading Puzzle (?uzzle) by Luna 1.06b. (from Naver)

It is a beta version, but works pretty well.

Puzzle (?uzzle) by Luna 1.06b

File link:

I'm guessing images from naver can't be properly linked to be shown here...
Go to the naver page for easier understanding with regards to usage of this UCI.

-----below is the original with translation-------------

Hi, it’s Luna (natshu)

Thank you for the interest on my previous UCI g.r.i.d. Puzzle (?uzzle), the new UCI that I briefly mentioned when I released g.r.i.d, is finally here.

g.r.i.d was about calm & monotone minimalism. Puzzle is about vivid colors.

I never felt such eagerness to release a UCI.

I wanted to add more effects and widgets, but I’m introducing the beta version as I really wish to release it.

Copy the mainmeny1.swf and puzzle_bg.jpg files to S9’s system\Flash UI folder

Puzzle_bg.jpg is the Puzzle’s background file of 544*480 size.

*How to use*
You will see 4 main menus at the bottom

1.You can add/remove Puzzle’s icons and widgets

When you click icons, it will load the icons and widgets (I call it ‘curtain call’)

When you click an icon, the icon will be loaded onto the stage, and it will be half transparent on the curtain call.

Also, if you drag icons or widgets on the stage into mainmenu1, the icons/widgets are removed from the stage.

2. Change the stage. In the current version of Puzzle, 2 stages are supported.

3. Options

Power off, sleep, change of theme, icon lock/unlock can be done

4. Display the battery of S9

*Known bugs and issues to be fixed*

1. Icons seems to be a bit small to be dragged, so there will be a size change within size of 68*68

2. Volume, calendar, and other widgets will be added

3.Optimization to increase the performance is being done

************************************************** **************************************************

Thank you for your interests and comments.

1. The icons (their representative functions) are activated by double click as they do not have separate cursor zone for dragging icons. Sensitivity of double click can be changed, so feedbacks are welcome.

2. Issue of Lock malfunction -> Fixed

3. Issue of removed icons being stacked at the bottom -> fixed

4. Issue of clock disappearing: I have not experienced it, but I will try to find why it’s happening.

About widgets:
There are two types of widgets in Puzzle: functional and visual.
Iceman is a visual widgets. Visual widgets only have visual effects and do not have any other functions.
Clock widget’s color is changed when double clicked.

-- Version 1.06b
1. Issue of being unable to click icons when Lock is set -> fixed

-- Version 1.05b

1. Icon (and its representative function) activation is now done with a click (changed from double click)

2. Issue of clock widget blinking abnormally->fixed

Personally, I prefer double clicking, but I’ve changed to click as many people requested that.
The brightness of bulb issue: it is because I made it to function (display brightness) with brightness level of 3-6. It will be fixed later.

-- Version 1.0b
*You must delete all the files starting with “puzzle” in “system\flash UI\sol” folder before applying new version.

*Freezing when using subway application occurs because there is no subway.swf file in “system\flash UI” folder. Copy subway.swf file there.

*Background change can be done by changing puzzle_bg.jpg and copying it into system\flash UI folder. The size must be 544*480.

1. Issue of Lock malfunction ->fixed

2. Removed icons stacking issue -> fixed

3. Slowing down of responses with double clicking -> fixed

Puzzle (?uzzle) by Luna 1.06b
[출처][수정] 퍼즐(?uzzle) by Lunar 1.06b (COWON MINI PMP D2/D3/S9) |작성자루나

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