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Default issue with battery/jiggliness

so a while back i dropped my d2, it still works fine and there is no externally visible damage. when it dropped the case opened a little bit, but it snapped back together. i thought all was well, but it seems that it is not so, the innards seem to be wiggling back and forth a little, and every once in a while the battery reads as almost dead, when it is just off the charger. turning it off and giving it a tiny shake fixes everything. so i am figuring i need to open it up and reposition/secure the guts. but i can figure out how to do this without dropping it again...and that seems risking , i am sure someone has taken it apart before, but i can't find any reliable sources that don't involve damaging the case.
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It's not too hard. Look at the pics on the teardown. I had no idea how to take mine apart, other than take the screws out and I got it taken apart without any damage. Just be careful not to snap stuff off.
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Yeah, your battery is loose, I believe they use double sided tape to hold it into place. I've had this same thing happen to one of my D2's(It later got rained on and died permanently).
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