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Default Exim screen protector S9 review


First : english is not my maternal language (so please be comprehensive )

Second : they said, they shown some people cutting the S9 with a knife, razor blade, etc : no sign of scratch...

My reality : in my pockets, for 2 monthes, and there are scratches !!! (some said it's because of sand, which is harder than blades... great, but the point is Gorilla Glass is not so Gorilla).

I've decided to buy a screen protector from japan but it was a real trouble to put in place (nasty bubbles all over the place, i was unable to make my s9 dust free so... 15$ sent to the bin). I thought it was Gorilla glass so I've waited until one week ago when i saw some scratches. I've looked on Ebay and found this EXIM SCREEN PROTECTOR sold by pda-now.

They say : anti-scratch (fine), 99% clarity (great, i don't care about fingerprints) and washable (WOW so even if I can't put the protector i will wash it and put it back later) : 12.99$ free shipping. I swore to myself it was thelast dollars I will spend on a screen protector.

I've received it today :

I went to the bathroom (some said it is the place where there is less dust in a house), i've cleaned the S9 screen carefully (unlike the first time). I've then put the screen protector so easily, no sign of a single bubble !!! I see one spot with dust but... i decide to do nothing as there is no bubble and I don't want to test the "wash thing" or "you can put it on and off as you want" thing

On the next picture you will see the scratch and part of the screen protector (yes there are some millimeters without protection but it's quite unnoticeable when you see that far from the S9, and I must confess I put the screen protector quickly).

Verdict : a really great find (the final test will be : will the screen protector go off when several days in my pocket ? even if it doesn't seem so).

Clarity :same as without screen protector, S9' screen is beautiful as always.
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