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Unhappy USB problem - disconnects after a few minutes

Hey all, got a problem with the new USB functionality in rockbox. Rockbox connects via USB correctly, and the sansa internal memory and the microSD both show up correctly in windows and can be read from / written to ok.

But: after a (seemingly) random number of minutes (about 2-5 minutes) the connection suddenly drops and the drives disappear as if i'd pulled the USB cable. This seems to have no relation to what i'm doing to the sansa, i.e. whether i'm accessing the internal memory or the microSD, it's even done it without me accessing the sansa at all.

Sometimes when this happens it locks up the sansa, requiring a 30 second power button switchoff. Sometimes the sansa continues to work ok. Sometimes windows will recognise the drive again if it's plugged back in, sometimes windows will refuse to recognise it again until windows is restarted.

Other USB disks work just fine, as does the sansa when it's booted into the OF - so i'm pretty sure the source of the problem is rockbox itself, but then nobody else has posted a thread with this problem so far, and i cant find anything that sounds like this on flyspray.

Has anyone got any clues as to what might be causing it?

Sansa e280 v1 + sandisk 16GB microSD card
rockbox ver r20227-090307 (also tried a few other USB enabled versions before this and had the exact same problem).
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