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Exclamation D2 audio treatment for low end users

I am form india. people i finally got the D2 8GB a week back. I have also ordered a sennheiser PX100 headphones ( this costs 11000 INR (220$) + 3000 INR (60$) ) in india. which is quite expensive. My home Sony HI-Fi system is just 20$ expensive than the D2.
I have also bought a creative ep-630's for moderately isolated listening especially in trains.

I have bought the ep-630 quite earlier and was using with my Hi-Fi system at home and with the computer at office. i will write a review on these later. But to put it consisely they are just average with the IBM Think centre computer and minblowing with my Hi-fi system. Lot of people make noise about Hiss. well hiss is never a problem as long as the sound is beautiful. When something sounds perfect one automatically pays no attention to hiss. i get very low hiss when i connect ep-630 to my Hi-fi system. The experience is that drums just play with my mind and it dances to the tunes. punch is there. i mostly listen to old hindi songs which have no bass at all, but at times when i want to listen to some thumping tracks i want the punch to be there. The sony system is great at playing the groovy tracks but not impressive at most hindi songs. U know i always had to up the equalizer in the higher frequency above the vocal range and down the low frequency range.

Now about cowon d2. I had great expectations on these. I didnot even check how the stock ear buds work. i straightly pluged in ep-630 and i am surprised to hear Hiss. The hiss is more than what i get when i connect to hi-fi system. anyway hiss is not a problem. Then i played the default Iaudio track expecting atleast what i would get from the Hi-fi system. The result is bad. the portion up to 200HZ is sounding a bit muddier not a very smooth and tight bass that i get when i plug the same ear phones in to my HI-fi system. and i was surprised to see that cowon already placed mach3bass at 6 and tweaked the equalizer. I copied some groovy tracks and started experimenting (bass is there) but something is lacking.

Then i opened the PX100 and plugged them in. To my surprise there is no hiss at all. complete silence. sound quality improved noticeably. But they sounded more softer highs and lows are not completely shown but the sound is very sweet. It was like experiencing a cool breeze. But still does not match to the ep-630 + hi_fi system. That was my expectation. But the sound that i was getting was the sound i want for most of the songs. But was no justice to groovy tracks. I also should mention that after a few days they sounded even better but still not up to mark.

I want the player to sound best for all songs. the breezy tracks should have the breezy effect ( which comes with good detail and clarity and the sony player does not have these ) and the groovy songs should have a punching effect.

DFKT, u publised some graphs can u give details on how they are generated.

The whole talk on bass roll off is rubbish. even if one looks at DFKT's graphs, just pumping the equalizer 2-3 units up in the low freq range should make the graph straight right? now assuming that's the base one can tweak form then on. The real bass giver is the equalizer and not the Mach3Bass. The Mach3Bass is amplyfying the not quite apparent bass frequencies (<70Hz).

Those who feel that the flat eq is so flat should pump up the volume. The natural thing that people see is when the flatten the eq they lose some volume and they think its very flat sounding.

from the difference from ep-630 - px100 i am sure that the player does best by doing something to it. The addition of amp is ridiculous because look the cost of the total set up (around 450 $) and that too destroying portability.

can somebody work on inexpensive solutions to improve the player performance in the <170 HZ zone. In the rest freq range nothing can beat this one. I have already spent much around (300$) and will slowly work on improving the quality.

one thing one should see is that the Jetaudio itself is soft sounding for low end speakers. That is way by which BBE gives great equalization without distortion. If one doubts just play some nice groovy track on JETaudio, WMP, VLC and mplayer so on without effects. My ranking would be VLC, WMP ... . But one can see that when effects are on VLC becomes Muddy but Jet audio plays smoothly. If thats the cause then one should wait for alternate os on D2 (ROCKBOX) and it would be nice to choose between BBE and some other one like the one used in VLC.

people keep posting in this thread inexpensive solutions to improve D2. Rise ones observations to such an extent that cowon will pay attention to what's happening.

Main concern: Just more detail on the low freq range without sacrificing what we are getting now for mid to high freq range ( D2 IS BEST HERE). This is not roll off. if its all about roll off upping equalizer should do the trick.

sorry for a long post it unexpectedly became long.

-siva kumar reddy

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