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Default Zune Software Customizer 3.1.1

It's been a while, but hopefully it'll be worth the wait as this release has quite a few new features and bugfixes. As you can see by this release I am certainly open for new ideas, so if you have any feature requests feel free to submit a comment. As some of you saw, I reorganized the blog so there is a dedicated projects area which I'd recommend people look at although I do post the direct link to the file in my blog if you don't want to be bothered/know what you are doing.

Zune Software Customizer Version 3.1.1 |

  • Added a Now Playing specific section to the Display-> Settings menu with the following features:
    • Options to set the Now Playing Background Image to something other than the default Grid View.
    • Added a option to make the Now Playing Progress Bar slider scale to the window size.
    • Added a option to disable the artist imagery in the Now Playing View/Land. This will allow those with a custom background to have it always showing.
    • Moved the Custom Now Playing Font Size under this section.
  • Added Four Album Art Sliders for the following areas:
    • Now Playing View/Land
    • Now Playing Progress Bar
    • Albums View
    • Artists View
  • Increased the size of the custom color sliders
  • Changed the wording on the theme buttons so that all four buttons fit in the smallest window size possible.
  • Modified the installer so that it provides a little more guidance on what is happening and what to do if something goes wrong/isn't working. Also now the installer will automatically close the Zune Software if it is open.

  • Fixed list item colors in numerous spots (Purchases/Download History, Top X Lists, etc.).
  • Fixed all color problems that I was made aware of (MarketplacePageTitle, ListItemSelectedBackground, ListItemBackground) along with a few others (ColumnDivider, ScrollBarThumb, ScrollBarBackground, ScrollPath, TransportButton, TransportButtonHoverColor, and many others).
  • Fixed it so the text under the custom color sliders updates correctly.
  • Fixed the explicit warning message so that it displays correctly for dark themes.

As always any feature requests, comments, etc are welcome. Didn't know if I should create a new thread, so if I shouldn't have please merge this with the old one.

I also put some images up for the latest additions on my blog, didn't want to post them in this thread cause they are rather large.
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