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Default Problems with Korean firmware please help.

I tried to update my firmware to the Korean version 5.10, but it didn't work. I did everything exactly as the Sticky thread told me to. The only place I can see that might have caused a problem is that when I made my config.dat file it said that the type of file was a NeroMediaPlayer media file. Is that normal ? I got the config to open through notepad, but maybe that wasn't what I was supposed to do. Anyway Everything looked fine except that... My games are gone, my texts are gone, my extra menus are gone, my videos are gone (even the two videos that came with the P2 are missing), my music is gone, all the pictures that came with the P2 are gone, the subway maps are gone and of course the ultimate problem my P2 never switched to the Korean firmware.

Everything else seems to be in tact and the player is working well. I didn't back up my music because I had no idea how to. I didn't have much on the player, so I wasn't worried about losing what I had. One of the cd's that I had ripped to the player was called Stereo and now in the music folder the only file that shows up is the stereo cd and when I open the games folder the stereo cd shows up there too. Stero also is the only file that shows up under file browser. However whenever I click on one of the Stereo tracks it says File Not Supported.

What's really weird is that the player still says that I used 2160MB and that I have 3764 MB remaining which is the same amount it said I had before I lost all of my files. Under firmware version it says US 5.10. I didn't even know there was a 5.10 in the US. What could that mean ? I just wanted the Korean version for the dictionary, but now I'm not sure it's worth it. I still would like the Korean firmware if I can get it to work properly. I'd also like to get back all of the default stuff that came with the P2 like the videos (Just Sheep in the Island actually) the and the photos. I'm not sure how to do that. I'm pretty sure I know how to get the games and the menus back I just needto download them again right ? I'd really appreciate anyone who could help me figure out how to fix this. Thanks a lot and have agreat day.
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