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Default custom builds

whats the difference from a custom build to the original of rockbox? if i were to use one which one would be the best i like the way rockbox is now but a little exstra features would be nice
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Custom builds add patches that were considered too unstable or incomplete for the main SVN build. They also tend to be slightly older then the current build.

Theres not much sense in using one unless you want a specific patch thats included in one.
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i also was interesting in custom builds, but i was not sure what i have from it.
basicly what i see is that there is no more supported build
and i am not sure about the difference advantage in different build,

is someone hear and can give us a really quick overview why to use it.

what i could need is a build with a longer runtime in normal .mp3 use as the official one, is there a build out there - and a build with a alarmbell thats it.
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AFAIK there is no build with an alarm bell and the official rockbox build has as much battery life as you'll get out of any other. Really the only advantage to the custom builds are gimmicks or special features that the rockbox team hasnt deemed stable enough or usefull enough to put in the build. It used to be that the custom builds had the bmp resize scale patch but now that that has been added there arent many reasons to not use it. Although for example im still using Kugels last build before he stopped to help the original build because i like the look of anti aliased fonts. As soon as they're added to the original build ill be usin it too.
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Meanwhile, by using Kugel's build, you'll be missing out on proper USB support, all the gradual battery life improvements that come out of optimizations over time, etc, etc.
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Well USB support may be a feature that outweighs anti aliased fonts i guess ill switch over as soon as thats fully stable. Although would still love to see anti aliased fonts in there.
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