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Red face need some help!

so ive been useing windows media player 11 to sync files to my sansa but lately its been sucky the only reason i use it is because it converts my files to 128kbps and that save alot of space for me because alot of my mp3s are over 300kbps and because i like the way its library is set up are there any programs that could sync to my player and covert them to a smaller size?with album art? alsoooo the theams i have downloaded not all of them are working right on rockbox is there some mod i need to download? last question are there any programs i could use to make playlist on my computer then use them on rockbox??
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well no clue if there is one app out there that can do what you want.

there are many appz out there, that can convert
also many programms that can do the albumart for you. (RockAA) sp. for rockbox, scans your folder for missing albumart and can dl it for you and convert etc.

For the Themes, sometimes you only need to find the right font, some fonts can mess up your theme, sometimes the themes are to old for current rockbox, sometimes you need a official fix etc..

and with the libary, i guess rockbox can do the same with your libary as your windows media player.
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Wow, what a mouthful.. Um.. Just a recommendation, make separate threads for each of your problems, and put meaningful titles on each of them. Anyway, I don't know of any good media playing AND syncing apps on windows, sorry. Themes (particularly wps) won't work if you are using a theme that was designed before the change a few months back. What version of rockbox are you running now? Finally, you can use a simple text editor to make a playlist. All you have to do is type in the location of the file (use / as the root directory, so a file in E:\Music/RandomTrack.mp3 would be /Music/RandomTrack.mp3)
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