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Default White Screen of Near-Death?

I take my Fuze with me everywhere I go, it travels in my coat pocket. Last night I forgot to take it out of the coat pocket and charge it overnight, so the battery was almost dead by the time I pulled in to the work parking lot.

Since I wanted to listen on the way home as well, I bought the Sansa cable with me and when I got to my desk I plugged in the Fuze to charge through on of the front USB ports. The "connected" message and logo and everything showed on the screen, and it started charging. When I looked over a couple of minutes later, the screen was completely white, and the Fuze didn't react to any buttons.

I immediately unplugged the cable, and then held the power button for several seconds (I had a vague memory that's how I reset my Clip, so was hoping it would work on the Fuze as well) and the player turned off. It turned back on when I asked it to, refreshed media, and then acted normally, but the battery was still as low as when I had plugged it in.

I work in a technical support department, so my co-workers have a natural interest in situations like these and we went over the basic trouble-shooting: Yes, it always charges through USB only. Yes, the cable is good, it works at home. We then plugged the Fuze in to my desk neighbor's computer to see if the problem is my work computer or if it follows the player, and we're now waiting to see if the white screen comes back.

Should I be worried?

It has been several minutes longer than last time, and the white screen has not come back yet, so I am hopeful it was a weird fluke caused by the pile of junk computer I am typing this on. Input is still welcome though. Could the Fuze have been damaged?
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